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Routine maintenance of the screw conveyor

By dahan

Routine maintenance of the screw conveyor

During the operation of the screw conveyor, the daily maintenance is emphasized, making it the largest dryer, ensuring production efficiency and extending the service life of the equipment.
(1) Bearings, gears and chain transmission components, such as lubricating oil, should be timed.

(2) When the box conveyor is stopped, the wear of the spiral blades should be checked and repaired and welded in case of severe wear.

(3) The conveying capacity must not be overloaded, otherwise the material can not be discharged, resulting in the bending of the screw shaft and the failure of the box.
(4) When the transmission medium is highly frustrated, it should be noted that the expansion change in the box is free, and if there is a solution, there is no jam.

(5) When the conveyor is in serious noise during operation, cover inspection and troubleshooting should be performed.
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