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The composition of linear vibrating screen

By dahan

linear vibrating screen The linear vibrating screen is composed of a screen box, a screen frame, a screen mesh, a vibration motor, a motor base, a damping spring, a bracket and so on. 1. Screen box: Made of steel plates of different thickness, with certain strength and rigidity. It is the main component of the screen printer. 2.Screen frame: Pine or wood is not easily deformed. It is mainly used to keep the screen smooth and achieve normal filtering. 3.Screen mesh: Several types of wire mesh, such as mild steel, brass, bronze and stainless steel. 4. Vibration motor: (see the operating and maintenance methods in the operating manual). 5. Motor base: Install the vibration motor and tighten the connection screws before use. Especially in the three days before the new screening machine test, it must be tightened repeatedly to avoid accidents caused by loosening. 6. Damping spring: Prevents vibration from being transmitted to the ground and supports all weight of the screen box. The spring must be mounted perpendicular to the ground. 7. Bracket: It consists of four pillars and two rails that support the screen. The bracket must be perpendicular to the ground and the two support channels should be parallel to each other.

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