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The various of Screw conveyor

By dahan

Screw conveyor:

Screw conveyor can be divided into U-shaped screw conveyor and tubular screw conveyor;
It can also be divided into a shaft screw conveyor and a shaftless screw conveyor according to the conveying form;
There are horizontal screw conveyors, inclined screw conveyors and vertical screw conveyors depending on whether they are angled.
The different types of screw conveyors have different characteristics and are mainly related to the customer's conveying needs. Shaft  screw conveyors are suitable for non-stick dry powder materials and small granular materials (such as cement, fly ash, lime, grain, etc.) and shaftless screw conveyors are suitable for conveyors from viscous and entangled materials. (such as  sludge, biomass, garbage, etc.).
Regarding the U-shaped and tubular type, whether it is angled or angled, can be customized according to customer needs.
screw conveyor

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