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What material can the conveyor transport?

By dahan

What material can the conveyor transport?

Screw conveyors have a wide range of applications and a wide range of material handling. It can transport powdery, granular and small materials. Since the use of screw conveyors is usually in a dusty environment, the bearings of the conveyors will aggravate their wear in the dust for a long time, so the machine must be regularly maintained and lubricated. This way the conveyor can run better.

1. Start feeding gradually increase the feeding, and evenly feed, do not increase the rated quantity of the equipment, otherwise it will cause blockage, the drive device is overloaded, and has a certain impact on the life of the equipment.

2. The material must not have hard bulk material, otherwise it will block the screw and damage the screw machine.

3. No feed is made at start-up and then feed is restarted to start the conveyor without load.

4. Stop the feed and stop the operation of the equipment until the material is delivered.

5. Check the parts of the equipment regularly, such as if the fasteners are loose. If loose, tighten in time and prevent it in advance.

6. The conveyor cannot be disassembled during operation. In order to avoid personal danger, it is necessary to continuously add lubricant to the moving parts.
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